Business Analysis Professional


Business Analysts play a critical role in the success of a project as they are responsible for requirements development and requirements management. 

As a key facilitator within an organization, business analysts act as a bridge between the client, stakeholders and the solution team.

Solutions often include a systems development component but may also consist of process improvement or organizational change. 


When an information technology project fails, it is often due to poor communications during the requirements gathering process, not a lack of technical acumen.

  • 66% of software projects aren't expected to finish on time or on budget 
  • Completed projects typically operate at only 52% of the proposed functionality 
  • 56% of project defects originate in the requirements phase of the project


Improving communication with stakeholders, project teams and developers allows for:

  • Executing better software development and other projects 
  • Cutting costs and delays 
  • Gathering complete and accurate project requirements 
  • Creating clear and concise business requirements documents 
  • Managing the effective use of resources 
  • Improving the quality of the final product


Whether you are new to business analysis or interested in earning your Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP) certification from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), the Center for Leadership and Development can help you acquire the skills you need.

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